Make Your Fitness Resolutions Come True

The same thing happens every year. New Years Eve, the countdown, and millions of people vowing to be healthier next year. Some buy workout DVDs, others hire a personal trainer, and most let everyday life get in the way of completing the year healthy, in shape, and feeling good about their bodies.

It's not news that people are busy these days, and trekking through traffic across town with a gym bag is easy to make excuses about not doing. That's why it's so important to find a health club that is nearby and convenient to your life.

Finding a gym close-by is made easier by, a directory of over 13,000 gyms and health clubs across North America. The entire database is viewable on a map, meaning the guesswork of a gym's locale is taken off your hands. Simply provide a city or address and be surprised by the nearby fitness options you never knew we're there.

This year, there are no more excuses. Join a local health club that you look forward to going to and fulfill all those good intentions you have at the beginning of a fresh new year. 

About is a free to use directory of fitness and health clubs across North America. Since launching in January 2011, has listed over 13,000 businesses and growing.

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