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Description: Healthy weight loss of 3 lbs per week. Helps maintain muscle mass. Promotes vitality and energy. Re-establishes pancreatic function (insulin) Modified protocol for type 1 diabetics. The Matol Diet has its roots in a protein blend that was developed by Dr. G Blackburn from Harvard Medical School in 1973. This protein blend was later significantly improved by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, an M.D. and doctor in nutrition, biology and sports medicine whose medical practice at the time focused primarily on high performance athletes. Dr. Chanh reformulated the protein blend with the objective to maintain the athletes’ muscle mass. This superior biological value protein blend was incorporated into a unique, pH-regulating and energizing botanical, vitamin and mineral weight loss regimen. The Matol Diet is totally safe and healthy and averages a weight loss of 3 lbs per week.

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